My interest in photography began early. Raised among the monochromatic surroundings of the South Bronx, NYC during the age of analog and was influenced by some of the great street photographers of that era. Although my interest in photography remained, family and career interceded; it would not be until later years that a full-time involvement would occur, driven by the advancement of digital capture and techniques. Although black & white media remains a consistent part of my focus, digital had opened a new world of possibilities.

During this time my work was viewed throughout galleries, art fairs, assignments, and periodicals. I also developed an interest in Ink Jet printing, studying the methods of Jon Cone and others who had advanced the process of Giclee/Iris technology, which by the 90’s had become a new standard for artistic output which led me to the creation of “Art Dogs Print” based in Atlanta, GA. The Company provided wide format printing for artists of all mediums. A further collaboration with “What’s Up Interactive” led to creating the first online art gallery, “The Colony Art” on the www. The combination of these endeavors bringing an optimistic outlook to the future of digital. 

For me, searching for an image can be a daunting task, affording only a brief moment to capture a subject hidden among a variety of distractions. Often what we see is blended among a backdrop of noise, scenery, people, and disruptions. The subject that inspired has become cluttered, leaving what sparked interest confused and undefined. Often images tell a story and require nothing more than focusing and clicking the shutter, but often extracting the essential moment can be a worthwhile endeavor and artistic challenge.

I look forward to the evolving world of digital, mixing “old school” with compositing and the electronic darkroom, perhaps bringing a new reverence for my subjects.


Fine Art photographer based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.