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About Me

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Steve’s captivation with photography began in childhood. Raised amidst the monochromatic surroundings of South Bronx, NYC during the age of analog, he was influenced by some of the great film photographers of that era. His appreciation for the art form remained, however, it wouldn’t be until mid-life that he was able to pursue his photographic ambitions full time.


His passion for photography fueled an interest in modern computerized printing, where he studied the methods of Jon Cone and others who advanced the process of Giclee/Iris technology. By the ’90s, this process had become a standard for artistic output, and Steve put his experience into the creation of “Art Dogs Print,” an Atlanta, Ga-based company specializing in wide format printing, which dramatically expanded the canvass for creative expression. In 1994, Steve collaborated with “What’s Up Interactive” to create one of the first online art galleries, “The Colony Art” representing artists throughout the country. The success of these endeavors encouraged Steve to fully embrace his love of photography and inspired him to shift out of the role of printing other people’s work, and into that of showing his own in galleries, periodicals, and art fairs.


Throughout his travels, Steve found his greatest muse to be the people, landscape, and traditions of Mexico and moved to the city of San Miguel de Allende in 2004. Located in the central Mexican highlands, San Miguel is a “World Heritage City” renowned for its cultural diversity and artistic community. There he became one of the co-founders of Galleria FotoGraphia, a contributor to the San Miguel Art Magazine, and has published several books.


Returning to the US, Steve now resides in Athens, GA where he continues to explore what may be seen through the lens of imagination, and regularly contributes to the visual tapestry of the local artistic community.

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